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Tattoo Meaning - Rosco
Tattoo Meaning
Here is an exerpt from a new article on my website on tattoo meaning:

Thousands and thousands of years ago, people were already putting permanent art onto their bodies in the way that we do it nowadays. Of course, the work was not done with an electric gun in those days, but the effect was the same even though the process was vastly different and undoubtedly much more painful. If we investigate the ancient tribal tattoo meaning of various world cultures, we get a much better idea of what our current trends in body art are.

For example, in warrior societies, the men had various signs branded on them to show everyone what their status was. The reason that this form was used was because it was indelible and could not be lost. Men who had killed for the first time got a specific mark to show their status in their warrior society. As for women in ancient history, tattoo design and meaning also held significance in their world.

You can find information on our website about how, in many societies, a woman was given a certain mark when she came of age. This was a signal to the men of the tribe that she was available. Again, this type of mark was used because the mark is permanent and can not be taken off like a piece of jewellery. Once the woman was chosen by a man and they became partners of some sort, the image was added to in order to take on a new tattoo meaning—namely, that she is ‘married,’ i.e. no longer available.

If you want to read the full article click on the link below to go to my website:

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