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here are some fun examples of the full back tattoo's that you can input what you want it to say:

have a go of it yourself.


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of the links that i posted last time for the customizable tattoos, i really like the two that i linked to that you can type in and the site changes the tattoo writing on the back of the person.

so i thought i would try and put them in my blog cause they are so much fun.


but alas i could not get it to work, it had some script or something to make it work.

so here are a few of the images that i got it to come up with.

if you want to have some fun and give it a go yourself here is the link:


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back to the topic of customizing a tattoo you have seen that you like, cause i think it is an interesting topic deserving of a bit more exploration.

what do other websites out there have on them in the way of customizing a tat?

well i thought i would do a little research and find out.

in short not much at all, for customizing a tat there were only a few things that came up

1. http://www.gtagaming.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-76879.html
something to do with grand theft auto, so probably not very relevant if you actually have a tat that you want to customize.

2. http://www.leetforum.com/forumz/archive/index.php/t-99442.html
and how to customize your ipod with printable tattoo's from HP

here is a little excerpt:
"With the new HP Printable Tattoos you can change the design as often and as easily as you update your playlists. Your iPod becomes a fashion statement - a new way to express yourself."

see what i was saying about 'not much'?

as for customize tattoo there seemed to be a little but more come up.

3. http://www.imagechef.com/ic/make.jsp?tid=Tattoo
i like this one, you know those sites you can type in a message and it sticks your text in the picture? this is that kind of thing with tattoo across the lower back of a nice looking lady. and the best part being you can type in what ever letters you like plus icons too.


this is another one with a guys upper back.

4. http://hubpages.com/hub/Check_This_Out
here is another interesting one, like some of the ones before not exactly about customizing tattoo's but this lady can customize bookmarks that have tattoo designs on them

this link will take you directly to her site: http://www.vnaart.com/tattoodesignsbm.html

5. http://www.inktattooshop.com/artist.htm
another tattoo shop that does customizations. here is what they have to say:
His ability to customize tattoo designs for his clients has always been his trademark. Having seen plenty of conventions in his line of work, he gained his artistic influences by observing the works of other artists from all over the world.

check out some of his work here: http://www.inktattooshop.com/gallery.htm

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how about getting a whole tattoo designed for you instead of modifying an existing one?

there are lots of options available for custom tattoos. it seams like there are lots of people out there who want a custom tattoo made up for them.

checkout these links:


i like this one it is all about japanese calligraphy tattoos, i love all things japanese.

more traditional custom tattoo designs:


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after writing my previous musings about how important or not important it is to customize your tattoo i remembered i have an article that deals with customizing a tattoo in regards to the lettering or font that is used.

the article is entitled 'Tattoo Letting', here is an excerpt that is most pertirnent to customizing a tat:

...tattoo lettering style that is right for you. Just like choosing the right look when it comes to creating documents on the computer, the same principle applies to choosing a font for the writing in your tat. When you are examining the available types, make sure that you examine them at a relative size to the size that the actual writing will be. Writing that looks good in one size can significantly change its look when it is of a different size. Take this into consideration when choosing your style of tattoo lettering.

if you want to read the whole article click here to check out the 'Tattoo Letting' article

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how important is it to have a unique tattoo?

you want to have a unique tattoo, something that only exists on your body but at the same time you want a tattoo that is from and existing category or genera like a tribal tattoo or a tat of a star.

so to what extent does it need to be unique?

i mean if you are wanting a tattoo of a butterfly on your ankle there is only so far you can push it before it stops being a butterfly and becomes some freakish thing with wings.

most people these days get inspiration for the design for their new tat from the net right? so it is more that likely, especially if they just go for some free tattoo design many many people have already seen this design and there is a high probabilty that someone else somewhere in the world has already had this exact same design inked on their skin.

but with the net being such a huge glob encompassing 'organism' then the chances of running into this someone who has exactly the same tat as you is probably rather slim.

so at the end of it all is customizing your new tattoo really necessary?

i guess it is not going to be necessary from the point of view of not wanting to see anyone wearing the same tat as you but on the other side of the coin you might be the kind of person who is not going to be satisfied unless you know that your tattoo design is unique and there is no chance of anyone else on the face of the planet having the same one as you.

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Tattoo picture galleries, who hasn't searched for these at one time or another during the "What tat should I get?" phase?

There are lots of great tattoo picture galleries on-line, some for free others that you have to pay for. Either way you are sure to get some inspiration for your first or next tattoo.

But like we always say take what ever inspiration and idea's you like from the images you see on-line and then either start sketching your tattoo using the ideas you have collected. Or better yet copy the tattoo you have found and modify it slightly to make it your own, personalise it, you will never regret this step.

Also keep in mind that any tattoo you get for free from the web chances are there are lots of other people out there who are going to have the same or similar tattoo as yourself. And nothing could be worse than running into someone who has exactly the same tattoo as you do. So remember if you find a tat you really really like on a free sight that you are probably going to need to make some pretty significant changes to it to truly personalise it. On the flip side if you find your dream tattoo on a paid website then there are going to be less people who have seen it and in turn far less people who have the tattoo you like. So it would stand to reason that the tattoo you found on the paid site is going to need less personalization than the one you found on the free website.

Here are a few examples of the tattoo pics we have one our website, www.tattooblast.com:

To get started in the process checkout our Tattoo Picture Gallery page, I am sure you will find lots of good inspiration to get you going on this long process of finding your dream tat and then modifying it to make it truly your own. Also check out www.tattooblast.com for lots of other cool galleries and ideas for you next or first tattoo.
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People can spend a great deal of time online looking for the perfect tattoo
design. There are many different options available for research tattoo designs
online. This article will look at some of the different types of sites and
explain what the difference is between them. This will help clear up the
confusion about the difference between free tattoo galleries and free tattoo

Free Tattoo Galleries

The world of the internet has really creped into almost every part of our
life. It has become so easy to find a ton of great information in just seconds
by using the internet and today’s search engines. This has even changed the
method of selecting a tattoo design. A year ago if you wanted a tattoo then you
had to go to your local tattoo shop. However, today there are a ton of options
to finding tattoo ideas online. The first place that people often look is free tattoo
There are tons of internet users looking for there tattoo galleries
for a wide variety of reasons. Typically a tattoo gallery will consist of user
submitted photos of tattoos. That means somebody goes out and get a tattoo,
takes a picture of the finished work and then posts it online. These free
galleries are a great resource to find a lot of tattoo photos and ideas
quickly. However once you find a tattoo you like you will have to print out the
picture and take it to your local shop or find someone to make a design of the
tattoo for you based on the picture.

Free Tattoo Flash

The other type of sites is one that specializes in tattoo ready designs
called flash. These are tattoo designs that have already been put on a special
paper so any tattoo artists can easily replicate the design and make the exact
tattoo quickly and easily. There are a ton of sites now online that sells
tattoo flash designs. However, as a user if you are trying to find some of this
high quality flash for a tattoo design that you are honestly considering
getting done then stop using the word free in the search. If you use the search
term “free tattoo flash” then you might end up having to plow through a bunch
of pretty useless sites that offer low quality flash. However if you just
search for the term tattoo flash online you can quickly and easily find great
quality tattoo flash designs.

This really goes along with the old saying you get what you pay for. Well,
if you are looking for free tattoo flash and galleries then you are probably
not going to end up with a super high quality design. In fact the actual tattoo
design might not even be done by professional flash artists. Instead many
people just pay to have an artist to a bunch of tattoo designs. These artists
might not even be tattoo artists but just artists in general.
So if you are looking for a high quality tattoo design or tattoo flash then
don’t use the word free and also don’t waste time looking for flash on tattoo
galleries. This will save you a lot of time and knowing the difference between
the two will help you in finding the design you are after.

Visit our informational pages at www.tattoo-blast.com and take a look at all of our articles about different types of designs.
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Tattoo symbols, ever popular tattoo's with tattoo designs ranging from tribal tattoo's and arm band tattoo's right through to fairy tattoo's and sun tattoo's.

Tattoo symbols have been around for year's and year's, lots of people are constantly searching for tattoo symbols and there is always more new material to be found.

Here we have for you a vast range of tattoo symbols, please feel free to browse through.

Are you after some inspiration for a new tattoo you are getting?

Are you searching for a particular type of tattoo?

Hopefully we will have something for you here in our tattoo symbols collection that will give you the inspiration you are after or better yet end you search being successful.

People can spend a great deal of time online looking for the perfect tattoo design. There are many different options available for research tattoo designs online. This article will look at some of the different types of sites and explain what the difference is between them. This will help clear up the confusion about the difference between free tattoo galleries and free tattoo flash.</p>

You can read about a tattoo symbols that you are thinking of getting on our website, at www.tattooblast.com.Here you will find a lot of information in this specific domain as well as a lot of other general information about the art. Visit us online to consult ourwebsite or to purchase our helpful eBook containing everything (and more!) you have ever wanted to know about the art.

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A tattoo flash is a design of a tattoo printed or drawn on a sheet of paper or cardboard. Tattoo flashes are usually displayed on the walls of tattoo shops in order to give customers ideas for designs.

Traditionally, tattoo flashes were designed by a tattooist for display in his own shop. Tattooists sometimes traded or sold flash sheets among themselves.

Today, these hand-drawn, local tattoo flashes are rare. Many tattooists make multiple color photocopies of flashes and sell them at tattoo conventions or on the internet. Newcomers to the tattoo industry wishing to publicise their designs often freely distribute flashes on their web pages. As a result, contemporary tattoo shops display flashes from many artists.

While there is no standard size for tattoo flash sheets, the most common are 11x14 inches in the US and A3 in Europe. Also the letter and A4 formats are getting more popular in recent years, since more color printers print these formats.

A set of tattoo flash may or may not come with an "outline". The outline is typically printed on a separate sheet, one for each sheet of tattoo flash. This is convenient for the tattooist, who otherwise would have to draw an outline himself in order to make the stencil for the linework of the tattoo.

Today's customers rarely pick a design from the wall and have it done in exactly the same size and color. Most tattoos are custom-designed. Nevertheless, tattoo flashes are an excellent departure point for design and style ideas.

this article comes from www.TattooBlast.com where you can find lots of intesting articles and info about tattoos.
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